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Percents in Forty days eBook (DOWNLOAD)

Percents in Forty days eBook (DOWNLOAD)

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This is a eBook in pdf form. It will work on both Mac and PCs.
It has two versions, one for the teacher with answers and one for the student without answers.

Please read full description below. (Ideally you should do the Fractions book first.)

In this book, we bring this time-honored approach to help your child become proficient with decimals and percents. (This book follows the Verbal Fractions book.) Often children can do the mechanics of percents and but do not have a real understanding.
This book with give your child that understanding, and we make it possible without hand writing. All problems are to be done mentally. The questions are to be read to the child. The answers are there for you, the teacher, only.
Follow the lessons and see your child do even complex-looking problems quickly and accurately. All without pencil or paper. When time comes to learn algebra, your child will be miles ahead of his or her peers.
Here is an example of the type of problem your child will be able to do quickly by the end of this course, without any …figuring on paper.
Mr. Brown sold his motorcycle so that 75% of what he paid for it was equal to 60% of the selling price. Did he gain or lose, and what percent?
Looks hard, doesn’t it? Down right scary for most people. But after doing a few of the lessons in this book, you will see how solving such tough looking problems can indeed be done with ease.
1. You must start this course at lesson one, even if the problems seem simple. We suggest that student complete the Verbal Fractions book before tackling this course.
2. The student should be familiar with decimals. This book in not intended to teach decimals but should be used for skill building, such as speed and fluency with commonly used facts.
3. This course requires a teacher or parent to work with the student. Problems should be read to the student. The first few problems in each chapter should be explained to the student. You may need to guide the student, helping as needed with difficult problems, and using the solutions and methods given in the book. The answers are there for you. (If you feel it is necessary to give your student a copy of the problems, this book - without the answers - is available for purchase in eBook form at our website.)
4. All of these problems can be done mentally. When you read the problem to the child, he or she may write down the numbers but all calculations should be done mentally.
5. Follow the method that is given at the beginning of each lesson. Most problems have solutions which should be explained to the child if she has difficulty.
6. The problems get more difficult towards the end of the book. The student will not be able to do the problems in the later chapters quickly until he or she has done the preceding ones.
7. Subordinate speed to accuracy, but do not neglect speed. The ability to answer these problems quickly results in mastery of the concepts.
8. The course is suitable for children in 6th to 8th grades and above depending on the child’s ability with arithmetic. It is also highly helpful for students about to take the SAT. Many of the problems given here are the type that are seen on SAT exams.
9. Older children and even adults may want to go through the course to refresh their skills with computing percentages quickly. Please let us know how this book works for you.

Lesson 1 - From Factions to Decimal 8
Lesson 2 - Multiplying Decimals 13
Lesson 3 - Dividing Decimals 16
Lesson 4 - Rounding and Comparing Decimal Numbers 19
Lesson 5 - Converting Decimals to Fractions 21
Lesson 6 - Proportions and Fractions 24
Lesson 7 - Decimal Operations 28
Lesson 8 - Dividing Decimals 30
Lesson 9 - Mixed Operations with Decimal Numbers 32
Lesson 10 - Percents 35
Lesson 11 - Finding Percent of a Number (50%, 25%, 12.5%) 38
Lesson 12 - Finding Percent of a Number (33.33%, 66.667%) 42
Lesson 13 - Finding Percent of a Number (100%, 1%, 10%) 45
Lesson 14 - Finding Percent of a Number (less than 10%) 48
Lesson 15 - Finding Percent of a Number 51
Lesson 16 - Percents and Fractions 55
Lesson 17 - Percent Left 58
Lesson 18 - A Number Increased by a Percent 61
Lesson 19 - Decreasing by a Percent 66
Lesson 20 - Finding Percent of a Percent 70
Lesson 21 - Finding Percent Increase or Decrease of a Number 73
Lesson 22 - Adding and Subtracting Percents 78
Lesson 23 - Product of Fractions and Percents 80
Lesson 24 - Estimating Percentage 82
Lesson 25 - Calculating Percentage by Parts 88
Lesson 26 - Discount and Markup 90
Lesson 27 - Base and Rate 97
Lesson 28 - More Gains and Losses 102
Lesson 29 - Find the Base 107
Lesson 30 - Computing Interest 113
Lesson 31 - Find the Amount 117
Lesson 32 - Find the Principal 120
Lesson 33 - Increase in Principal 125
Lesson 34 - Find the Time 127
Lesson 35 - Mixed Problems 130
Lesson 36 - Even More Mixed Problems

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